Newmaninstitutet. Högskola för teologi, filosofi och kultur


Teologisk högskola i Uppsala

The Newman Institute is a small Jesuit university college located in the heart of Uppsala, Sweden’s oldest college town.  Surrounded by historic university buildings and the impressive Uppsala cathedral, the Newman Institute offers a culturally rich and exciting milieu for students.  At the same time, beautiful nature areas abound in Uppsala and are never more than a short walk or bike ride away.

Founded in 2001, the Newman Institute has academic programs in theology, philosophy and cultural studies taught from a Catholic perspective.

As Sweden’s only Catholic college, the Institute offers a unique learning experience.  The Swedish context shapes students’ encounters with theology and philosophy, bringing them face-to-face with issues like ecumenism, secularism, the relevance of religion in a prospering society, the relationship between science and religion, and the relationship between Church and state. At the same time, the diverse cultures and nationalities represented in the faculty and students at the Institute create a stimulating international milieu.


The Newman Institute, with a faculty of approximately 25 highly-qualified teachers, has the following academic programs:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs in theology and philosophy. Each comprises 180 ECTS credits and three years of full-time study.
  • Associate’s Degree Programs in theology and philosophy. Each comprises 120 ECTS credits and three years of full-time study.
  • Master’s Degree program in theology, offered in cooperation with the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.

A wide variety of individual courses are offered in theology and philosophy, with perspectives on literature, art, history, ecclesial architecture, music and film. Courses are offered in both Swedish and English, and at the Institute’s various locations in Uppsala, Stockholm, Vadstena and Göteborg. Many courses are also available for distance learning.

 International Partnerships and Erasmus+ program

The Institute cooperates actively with other colleges and universities around Europe and the United States in joint research efforts and student and faculty exchanges. As a chartered member of Erasmus+, EU’s higher-education program, the Institute offers students and staff opportunities to study and work abroad with one of our partner institutions, which are:

European Partners:

United States Partners:

Catholic Cultural Journal

The Newman Institute publishes the Swedish cultural magazine Signum, which reports on a broad spectrum of issues concerning faith, culture, research and society.  The magazine is published 8 times per year and the Signum website has daily reports from around the Catholic world, as well as an article archive.

Student Life

  • Student profile: approximately 230 students representing a wide range of ages and backgrounds take courses at the Newman Institute.
  • Personal experience: students will find a close, personal atmosphere where individual academic counseling is provided.
  • Location:  the Institute is located in the heart of Uppsala, a vibrant cultural and educational center with a population of 200,000, including 40,000 students at neighboring Uppsala University. Cultural and social life flourish with many venues for music, drama and other arts, as well as numerous student organizations.
  • Student Nations: The nations are central to student life in Uppsala. Each of the 13 representing a different province in Sweden providing a space for everything from reading/studying to sports, activities, choir, restaurants and nightlife. All students welcome to join. Find out more information here.
  • Student housing: The Newman Institute has approximately 20 rooms for rent. Students on exchange at Newman receive priority housing.
  • International milieu: the Newman Institute has established partnerships with many other colleges and universities, is a committed member of the ERASMUS community, and has a regular schedule of international speakers.
  • The seminary of the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm is located on the grounds of the Newman Institute, and seminary students participate in the theology program at the Institute.
  • Chapel: The Newman building has a newly-renovated chapel offering regularly scheduled Masses during the academic year. Additionally, the Catholic parish of St. Lars (Lawrence) is located less than a block away, with daily Masses and active student and young-adult groups.

Continuing Education Programs

The continuing education program at the Newman Institute offers specialized courses targeted to specific professional groups such as teachers, ministers, and business leaders.  Custom-made courses for groups are available on request.