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Customize to your needs

Earlier, it was common to provide specific features to customize such as text size, font and contrast on a website. Nowadays there are often supported browser for this type of customizations. We have therefore chosen not to develop its own functionality for adjustments but refer to the browser’s built-in functions.

Change text size
Using your browser’s built-in functions, you can change the size of text on the site. Most browsers do this by holding down the Ctrl-key and rotating the mouse wheel.

You can also change the text size in the browser menus. Below is how this is done in the most common browsers.

Select Zoom in the View menu. To enlarge the text, select the Zoom In or Zoom text only.

To enlarge the text, select “Zoom In” under the View menu. If you want to decrease the text size, select “Zoom out” in the same menu.

Select Zoom in the View menu. is optimized for Safari, Firefox and Chrome.