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Erasmus+ Programme

The Newman Institute is a committed member of the  ERASMUS+ Programme, which facilitates exchange of students and faculty with our  partner universities.

If you are a student of theology or philosophy and would like to spend a semester or a whole academic year as an Erasmus+ exchange student at The Newman Institute, it is required that your home university has a formal exchange agreement with us. Your first step is therefore to contact your Erasmus+ coordinator at your department or the international office at your home university.

Our current Erasmus+ partners are:
Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology

The Pontifical University of John Paul II, Cracow, Poland

Pontifical University, St. Patrick´s College, Maynooth, Ireland

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, Tilburg, The Netherlands

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, Norway

Why study at the Newman Institute?

The Newman Institute follows in the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence, with a highly-qualified teaching staff and commitment to individualized instruction. As Sweden’s only Catholic college, the Institute offers a unique perspective to its academic programs and courses. The Newman Institute is situated in the historic university city of Uppsala only 40 minutes away by train from Stockholm.


The Institute offers a wide range of courses in areas of theology and philosophy, literature, art, ecclesial architecture, music, and film. Most courses comprise 7.5 ECTS credits each.

Click here for our list of courses offered in English, fall semester 2018!

Language of instruction

The language of instruction at the Institute is both Swedish and English. At least 3-4  courses per semester are offered in English. Additionally, it is possible that a course instructor will change the language of instruction of a course to English, if there is sufficient demand among the students enrolled in that course. Please always check before you apply for a course if this is possible.   Students who are enrolled in courses taught in Swedish have the  possibility of completing written assignments and exams in  another  language, for example  German or English, depending on the instructor’s language abilities.

The academic year:

The academic year at the Newman Institute is divided into two terms; the first begins in mid-August and ends in mid-January, and the second begins in late January and continues until mid-June.

Useful dates for Erasmus+ students, autumn semester 2017:

Start of classes: 27th of August 2018

End of semester: 12th of January 2019


As an Erasmus student we help you to find accommodation in Uppsala. Most of our Erasmus students have the opportunity to stay in one of our on-campus student rooms. For more information about housing please contact


Most non-EU/EEA citizens who wish to participate in our Erasmus+ programme require to apply for a residence permit for studies through the Swedish embassy in their home country. Ordinary Schengen visas are not valid for this purpose. The residence permit for Erasmus+ students is free of charge. Due to long waiting times of up to several months, please apply for the residence permit without delay. Before applying, you will need to compile some documentation from the Newman Institute.

For more information please contact:

Health insurance:

For EU/EEA students the blue European Health Insurance Card covers basic health care in Sweden. However, it is recommended to buy an extra health insurance in your home country.

For all other foreign students, it is mandatory to buy a health insurance in your home country which has to be  valid for the whole period of your stay in Sweden.

Useful links:

Erasmus+ student´s handbook

Erasmus+ student´s handbook for students from Lviv

Erasmus+ student charter


Director, Office for International Programs

Felicia Johnson

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