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Teologisk högskola i Uppsala


Sweden is an exciting and progressive place to study environmental issues and policies. The concept of sustainability was embraced by government and society very early on, and today Sweden’s prominence in the European Union (EU) as a leader in sustainability is evident in many ways. If you’re interested in studying in a beautiful and sustainable place in Europe, then we have just the opportunity for you!

The Newman Institute is a Jesuit college in Scandinavia, rich in the teaching tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola. We offer bachelor degree programs in theology and philosophy, as well as the new program in Environment and Justice. Our academic programs are small and flexible and provide a personalized learning experience.

Meet our sustainability expert

Andreas Carlgren, the Swedish Minister for the Environment between 2006 and 2011, teaches the majority of the courses in the Environment and Justice program. He joined the Newman Institute in 2012 to develop the new program. His experience from politics and his close contact with leading experts in environment and sustainability in Sweden contribute to a rich and exciting educational program.