Newmaninstitutet. Högskola för teologi, filosofi och kultur


Teologisk högskola i Uppsala

The academic credit system used and respected by the Newman Institute, the Swedish ”Higher Education Points”, is exactly equivalent to ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) grades (F–A) and follows the principles set out in the ECTS Users’ Guide. The basic principle that 60 ECTS credits are attached to the workload of a full-time academic year, with associated outcomes, is respected.

By full implementation of ECTS, NI ensures the quality of mobility activities and the transparency of recognition procedures. Normally, a course unit at NI is allotted 7.5 credits, as announced in the online Course Catalogue. Such a course corresponds to five weeks of full-time workload (40 hours a week) for the student. The courses are examined according to the achieved learning outcomes specified in the respective course syllabi. A course may be examined within two years.