Church History, I

This course delves into the history of Christianity from the birth of the first Church in Jerusalem through the spread of the Good News within the Roman Empire, and beyond to the “edges of the world” (up to the 16th century). We are going to explore the process of the formation of the Christian tradition and Church teaching. We will also discover the challenges and changes in the internal and external life of the Church from its earliest periods up to the late medieval period. In this context, we will discuss the primary sources based on their criticism and learn to use different historical methods. We will also look at persons and events that have been important for the future development of Christianity in different regions. Special attention will be given to understanding the forces which led to divisions within the Church, especially between Eastern and Western Christianity and the attempts to restore Church unity. For the course readings, we will use mostly English translations of the source texts.
7.5 ECTS, Theology
Stockholm and partial distance
Instructor: Svitlana Hurkina

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