Swedish Environmental Policy and Praxis

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Period: Modul 3 (14/1–24/3)

Ämne: Kurser på engelska

This course will explore how the Swedish government has managed, and continues to manage, the use of the country’s natural resources. Student will examine a selection of issues, such as water treatment, forestry, farming, and energy policy. Students will discuss strengths as well as weaknesses of this management, as well as the role of different institutions and of the values and culture behind Swedish environmental policies. This course will focus on the role of government, local municipalities and different stakeholders, and investigate important policy tools, such as the Swedish environmental objectives system and the Swedish carbon tax. The course will include excursions and guest lectures by experts.

7,5 hp

Uppsala: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am to 3 pm (with lunch break)

Course leader: Andreas Carlgren

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