Courses in English

Spring Term 2022

The following courses will be tutored in English during the spring term 2022 at The Newman Institute.

Advanced Reading Course: Karl Rahner

Karl Rahner (1904–1984) is considered to be one of the most prominent theologians of the twentieth century. In this course, the thinking of Rahner is engaged with, primarily through the reading of his own texts. Treating topics such as revelation, creation and the human longing for God, these writings remain as challenging as they are enlightening for any student of theology.

Systematic theology
Half distance, 7,5 p
Advanced level
Course leader: Philip Geister

Comic Relief: Humor as Social Criticism

Diverse forms of humor have long been used to pillory tyrants, spotlight corruption, challenge norms, build solidarity, instill hope, and defuse violence. This course explores the power and limits of humor for social engagement, by means of classical theorists, present-day case studies, in-class interviews with invited scholars and cultural workers (including humorists), and students' own research projects.

Local course in Stockholm, 7,5 p
Course leader: Brian Palmer and Gustav Fridolin

Christian Social Teaching East and West

This course provides a historical, theoretical, and practical overview of the principles and themes of Christian social teaching. It explores two major approaches, namely, the Western tradition of the Catholic Social Thought and the Eastern Orthodox tradition of addressing contemporary social issues. A special focus is made on such topics as human equality, wealth and poverty, war and peace, and environmental responsibility

Theological Studies of Culture and Society
Half distance, 7,5 p
Course leader: Oleh Kindiy

Crossroads between Christians and Jews in early material culture

Early Christian art and culture cannot be understood without reference to contemporary
Judaism. This course therefore focuses on the analysis of specific examples of Christian
monuments from the ancient Greco-Roman world. These early Christian archaeological remains are approached by taking into account the recent discoveries in the field of Jewish art which opens new and new perspectives on the interaction between these communities at a key moment of their history.

Theological Studies of Culture and Society
Half distance, 7,5 p
Course leaders: Barbara Crostini and Olof Brandt