Courses with an Emphasis on Ecology

From the autumn of 2022 The Newman Institute offers theological courses with an emphasis on ecology. The courses available are presented below.

Autumn 2022

Theology of Creation

Francis and Clare of Assisi – Friendship, Faith and Ecology

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Climate Change and Life Choices: A Christian History of the Environment

Spring 2023

Environmental Law and Social Love

A Good Disruption – Reinventing Economical Models

Ecological Conversion

Science and Religion

The courses as part of a bachelor's degree program in theology

These courses are open for international students as well as Swedish students as part of a bachelor's degree program in theology. The overall bachelor's degree program at The Newman Institute is in Swedish, but the courses in theology with an emphasis on ecology are all in English and cover one year of studies. They are designed to be part of the international students programs at their home universities. Read more