The Newman Institute

Welcome to The Newman Institute, the Scandinavian Jesuit School of Theology, Philosophy and Culture in Uppsala.

A learning for life

At The Newman Institute programs and courses aim to explore the unity of the human being in its intellectual, moral, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

Founded in 2001 by the Jesuits in Sweden and the staff of the cultural magazine Signum, The Newman Institute offers academic programs in theology, philosophy and cultural studies to approximately 300 students, representing a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

The purpose of The Newman Institute is to provide the possibility for students to reflect on philosophical and theological questions in an academic framework. The teaching aims to train students in critical thinking as a pre-condition for any kind of intellectual work. The lecturers are also engaged scholars.

The Newman Institute encourages research on the fields of theology, philosophy and culture, within the institute and in connection with other universities. The institute takes an active part in international networks.

Between tradition and present

The institute is named after John Henry Newman (1801–1890), a British philosopher and theologian and a Roman Catholic cardinal.

Among other things he developed a pedagogy centered around the search for truth in each student’s training.

We want the institute to be what Newman was in his country and time: a historically conscious, critical and constructive interlocutor in contemporary debate. This is the spirit that permeates all our educational activities.