Research Seminar in Late Ancient and Byzantine Cultures

The Newman Institute Research Seminar in Late Ancient and Byzantine Cultures*

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*"Patristikseminariet" is now The Newman Institute Research Seminar in Late Ancient and Byzantine Cultures [Newmaninstitutets högre seminarium för senantikens och bysantinska tidens kulturhistoria].

Human culture is never solely fact, nor solely fiction, but includes whatever the human mind and spirit produce, including texts, images, liturgies, manuscripts and material culture. A critical analysis and contextualization of late ancient and medieval arts and literatures should underpin our understanding of the history of Christian traditions, and can provide apt connections to our experience of the present world. Inter-cultural perspectives are encouraged, demonstrating exchanges between classical and biblical worlds, as well as encounters among different faiths in the first millennium.

The Newman Seminar in Late Ancient and Byzantine Cultures aims to create a forum for open discussion about Christian history and cultures by providing an opportunity for informal peer review of articles in preparation, book and thesis chapters, project proposals and conference papers on any topic pertaining to this field, broadly defined. Expertise of core members includes Greek and Latin languages, biblical and patristic studies, ancient philosophy, early church history, art history, palaeography, and Byzantine/Medieval studies. The seminar has a collaboration with the New Testament Studies research seminar at Uppsala University and with the Lund Patristic Seminar. We also welcome the possibility of organizing joint conferences.


The seminar convenes on Wednesdays 4:00-5:30 PM CET (Swedish time) in hybrid format, via Zoom and at The Newman Institute (Hopkinssalen).

Papers can be circulated confidentially one week in advance in order to permit a thorough discussion concerning contents, analysis, and formal presentation of the materials. Collegiality and support across traditional subject boundaries are priorities.

To present a paper during the academic year 2022/23, for participation or for any questions concerning the seminar, please contact the chair, Barbara Crostini.

Autumn 2022

Meeting ID: 891 7149 0250 Passcode: 609731

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28 September                      

Ioanna Arvanitidou (Rome/Thessaloniki), Basilica Church Plans in Northern Greece

NOTE: This seminar is only online and not in hybrid format.

12 October                           

Paschalis Androudis (Thessaloniki), Sculptures of the Monastery of Chilandar on Mount Athos

26 October                           

Jordina Sales-Carbonell (Barcelona), Churches and Theatres in Late antique Spain

9 November                         

Adrià Lull (Valencia), The Brutal Characterization of the Emperor in Vita Nicephori's Dialogue. Plato's Echoes

23 November                       

Julia Doroszewska (Warsaw), Saintly epiphanies and theatrical modes

14 December