About Us

The Newman Institute is a small Jesuit school for academic studies located in the heart of Uppsala, Sweden’s oldest college town.  Surrounded by historic university buildings and the impressive Uppsala cathedral, The Newman Institute offers a culturally rich and exciting milieu for students.  At the same time, beautiful nature areas are never more than a short walk or bike ride away.

A Catholic Perspective

The Newman Institute is a place for exploring the deeper questions of life and the interaction between theology, philosophy and culture. It is a place where students can acquire an excellent education presented from the perspective of the Catholic tradition.

The Catholic tradition of faith, thought and culture has been fundamental to the development of civilization in the West and many other parts of the world. The Newman Institute offers a variety of courses in theology, philosophy and cultural studies from a Catholic perspective, and from a historical as well as a contemporary point of view.

The Swedish Context

As Sweden’s only Catholic college, the institute offers a unique learning experience.  The Swedish context shapes students’ encounters with theology and philosophy, bringing them face-to-face with issues like ecumenism, secularism, the relevance of religion in a prospering society, the relationship between science and religion, and the relationship between Church and state. At the same time, the diverse cultures and nationalities represented in the faculty and students at the institute create a stimulating international milieu.


The Newman Institute was founded in 2001 by the Jesuits and the staff of the Swedish Catholic cultural magazine Signum, which reports on a broad spectrum of issues concerning faith, culture, research and society.  The magazine has a record of 100 years of publication and is still offering a paper edition eight times per year. The Signum website also has daily reports from around the Catholic world, as well as an extensive article archive.


The Newman Institute has a faculty of highly-qualified teachers, and academic programs and courses in theology, philosophy and cultural studies. Many of the teachers at The Newman Institute are also involved in academic research within the institute or connected to other universities.

Conferences and Open lectures

The Newman Institute welcomes a broader audience to take part of research within our national and international networks, locally or online, through open lectures and conferences. These are presented in our news blog (mainly in Swedish) or on International Events.