International Events

International Event/ Internationella evenemang

Here you can find information of events (conferences, projects) organized by The Newman Institute or by the international networks that the institute belongs to. / På den här sidan förmedlas tips om föreläsningar, konferenser och projekt som arrangeras inom de internationella nätverk som Newmaninstitutet tillhör.

Konferens i serie om Simone Weil

Med anledning av att det är 80 år sedan Simone Weil lämnade Marseille för att gå i exil via Casablanca till New York, organiserar l’Université catholique de Lyon (UCLy) konferensen Milieux, réseaux, sources d’inspiration. Simone Weil dans la guerre, Marseille 1940-42 (Miljöer, nätverk och inspirationskällor. Simone Weil i kriget, Marseille 1940—1942) i Lyon tisdagen den 14 juni. Se hela programmet.

Konferensen är ett samarrangemang mellan Università degli studi di PerugiaPontifical Catholic University of RioL’Association pour l’étude de la pensée de Simone Weil och Newmaninstitutet. 

Detta evenemang utgör startpunkten i en räcka av konferenser och seminarier som hålls 2022–2023. I november ges ett internationellt seminarium vid Newmaninstitutet som blir det andra bidraget i serien: läs mer

Depictions of the Prophet Elijah in Jewish and Christian Contexts

Welcome to the workshop "Depictions of the Prophet Elijah in Jewish and Christian Contexts: Literary and Visual Sources", organized by Barbara Crostini, from The Newman Institute, Uppsala, and Andrei Dumitrescu, Central European University, Vienna/ New Europe College, Bucharest.

The workshop takes place on Zoom on the 8th of June 2022, at 13–18 pm. There will be 13 researchers giving their view on the subject.

See the preliminary program with the Zoom link.

Conference on St. Symeon the New Theologian

International Conference on St. Symeon the New Theologian, Volos, 26–29 May 2022: On the occasion of the millinery anniversary of the dormition of St. Symeon, the New Theologian (1022–2022), the Volos Academy for Theological Studies organizes an international conference to commemorate his personality, thought, and contribution to Orthodox theology and spirituality, which will take place in Volos, Greece, in a physical form in compliance with all the enforced by the European and state sanitary measures. Read more

Seminar on/séminaire sur Simone Weil

International seminar on Simone Weil

On the 25th–27th November 2022 the Newman Institute (Uppsala, Sweden) will hold an international seminar on Simone Weil. The seminar will be held in both French and English. 

The seminar is primarily aimed at Masters’ students and doctoral students. Individual researchers are welcome to present their own entry points to Weil. Apply by sending the provisional title of your topic to: no later than 31th May. 

The philosophers Emmanuel Gabellieri and Ghislain Waterlot will address the seminar. Gabellieri is a senior lecturer at Université catholique de Lyons and Waterlot is a senior lecturer at the University of Geneva. 

Séminaire international sur Simone Weil, 25-27 novembre 2022

Du 25 au 27 novembre 2022, l’institut Newman (Uppsala, Suède) organisera un séminaire international sur Simone Weil. Les langues choisies pour le séminaire sont : le français et l’anglais.

Le séminaire s'adresse principalement aux doctorants et aux étudiants en Master avec comme invités d’honneur Emmanuel Gabellieri, philosophe français et professeur de l'Université catholique de Lyon, et Ghislain Waterlot, professeur de philosophie de la religion et d’éthique de l’Université de Genève. 

Chaque chercheur reste libre de présenter sa propre recherche sur Weil. Inscrivez-vous en envoyant votre titre provisoire à, au plus tard le 31 mai.

Simone Weil

2nd International Transdisciplinary Conference on Environmental Justice

The annual international conference on Environmental Justice at Lassalle-Haus offers an inter- and transdisciplinary platform for dialogue between the scientists, economists, ethicists and philosophers concerned by the imperative of environmental justice. It is aimed at researchers, students, activists and decision-makers engaged in the socio-ecological transformation and takes place in August 21–25, 2022, at Lassalle-Institut, Switzerland.