International Events and Projects

International Events and Projects / Internationella evenemang och projekt

Here you can find information of events (conferences, projects) organized by the international networks that The Newman Institute belongs to. / På den här sidan förmedlas tips om föreläsningar, konferenser och projekt som arrangeras inom de internationella nätverk som Newmaninstitutet tillhör.


Editing the Greek Psalter – Psalter Conference 2021

Internationales Kolloquium zum Auftakt des Akademievorhabens. Die Editio critica maior des griechischen Psalters.

Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, 1.–3. Dezember 2021.

Program and Conference Registration for online sessions


The Newman Institute belongs to Kircher Network, an international network of Jesuit faculties. A project is now running where students can take part of inter-institutional online courses in theology, philosophy and religious studies.

The courses are being held at Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Sankt Georgen Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule, Lumen Vitae-Namur, The Jesuit University Ignatianum in Kraków and The Newman Institute. They are free of charge, and they will give higher education credits but are not accepted for student finance from CSN.

The aim of the project is an enriched educational experience for students, curriculum enhancement, professional development opportunities for faculty, and the conservation of institutional resources.

For more information, please contact the international officer Lidia Fioravanti.