Patristikseminariet vid Newmaninstitutet drivs i samverkan med Uppsala universitet. Seminariet samlar forskare och studenter på högre nivå inom olika discipliner som är intresserade av frågor kring kristendomen i antiken/senantiken och angränsande ämnen. Här behandlas också frågor om receptionen av patristisk litteratur och dess tankegångar under medeltid och nutid.

Seminariet sammanträder på onsdagar kl. 16.00–18.00 via Zoom. Se detaljer nedan.

Kontaktperson: Barbara Crostini

Welcome back after the spring interruption!

We will continue our meetings via Zoom this term, as usual on Wednesdays. See programme for autumn 2020.

Paper presentation and discussion will be from 4–5:30 pm. Following the paper, from 5:30–6, we will have a reading group to translate the homilies by John Chrysostom on Acts. We will take a couple of pages each time and aim to have a draft English translation of one homily by the end of the term.

You may participate in one or other parts, or both, depending on your commitments on a particular day.

I will send Zoom links to those who indicate they wish to participate. We are always open to suggestions for new members to join the seminar.

If you would like to give a paper next term, please let me know.

Barbara Crostini, Course coordinator